Egyptian JEWELry



        The Egyptians believed Thoth invented hieroglyphics, and was the heart and tongue of Amun-Ra, the Sun God. Thoth, as the God of Wisdom created the arts and sciences. My famous last name has an British spelling. Tehuti, Egyptian, Thoth, Toth, English, Greek, Roman depending on the conquering country’s translation.                                         



                                                       Be the Cleopatra of your life.


                                  Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted by me, Louise Toth.

                                I will custom make a special piece for your red carpet event.

                        This piece is very unique Turquoise with flecks of copper, mined in Africa.  

                                        The rare color of stones are very individual.                                 

                                          Scarabs represent both sides of the brain.

                                                Creative and Executive Powers. 







Louise Toth

Award winning author

THOTH & Jesus of Egypt